I began BGMP in my first year of university with little surrounding the underrepresentation of ethnic minorities in top universities and no knowledge on how to create a social enterprise. 

Initially, BGMP was supposed to be a research project aimed to address the key barriers blocking educational attainment at A level and top university access for black girls. Realising that the barriers were more complex than I initially thought, I wanted to do my part in remedying the issue.

 I am a black girl who attended a secondary state school and made it into a leading university. During my A levels, I did not know anyone older than me who attended the university I had been set on going to and as the oldest child in my house, I only had a few people close to my age to look up to. The vast majority of us know how challenging A levels and university preparation are, so any help we receive is truly worthwhile!

Also, I think the process of going to university would have been a lot smoother if I had someone relatively close to my age that I could speak to and seek advice in. I wanted to stress the importance of ‘sisterhood’ so our mentees feel as if their thoughts, concerns and achievements are being shared with an older sister figure. Our aim is to encourage more black girls to apply and attend the top leading universities which can potentially open up many more opportunities for them in the future.


BGMP has grown tremendously since its birth. We have had two main annual events with a collective turnout of over 140 black girls. Our ambassadors have attended several workshops and events and we are constantly looking for new ways to grow our network with schools and organisations. Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you share our vision whether you are a student, parent school or business, and together we can all create change. 

Zeynab Aliyu, Founder of BGMP