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For centuries, innocent black lives have been taken mercilessly at the hands of those responsible for protecting them. #blacklivesmatter is more than just a hashtag and aims to expose the injustices faced by many people around the world. At BGMP, we work tirelessly to address such injustices and aim to proactively uplift the members of our community, particularly so for young black girls. We cannot successfully address such injustices if the system is working against us. 


We all have a responsibility to take action where we can to ensure justice is served, and we must all come together in support of our brothers and sisters who have lost their lives and loved ones and do our part to achieve solidarity. Use your platform to speak up for what is right and let us all create a better tomorrow. 

- CC: @rosiegguks - A thread of petitions to sign

- CC: @UKBBSHOW - a thread of UK black businesses to support

- CC: @hourlykoo - a thread of #blacklivesmatter donation links.

- #JusticeForBellyMujinga - Belly Mujinga was a key worker who was spat on by a member of the public who claimed they had COVID-19. She died of complications arising from the virus and and it was ruled that there would be no further investigation into the cause of her death. The family and friends of Belly are managing the petition:



- @reignxshine on Instagram for self care tips for black people feeling overwhelmed by the media

- @britsandpcs on Twitter for all things black British. They are holding a giveaway of black British themed books to some of their followers. To enter, check their page out:

and some READING material:

- Invisibility Blues - Michelle Wallace 

- The Masters Tools Will Never Dismantle The Masters House - Audre Lorde

- Staying Power - Peter Fryer

- No Place Like Home - Gary Younge 

- Black Macho & The Myth of The Superwoman - Michelle Wallace 

- Heart of The Race - Black Womens Lives In Britain - Beverley Bryan 

- There Ain't No Black in The Union Jack - Paul Gilroy 

- Natives: Race and Class In The Ruins of Empire - Akala

- Sister, Outsider - Audre Lorde

- Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race - Renni Addo-Lodge 


Rest in peace to breonna taylor, george floyd, belly mujinga and the thousands of black people who have lost their lives in the hands of injustice.

 #blacklivesmatter today, tomorrow and forever.